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Who We Are


Our switched companies Private Euroengineering & &Envirosan DC& Envihorizont LLC since 1971/1996/1998 adapt the activity to engineering challanges of worldwide sustainable development and crisis mitigation.
In this context we accumulated experience on sustainable development and engineering of:

We are open for worldwide collaboration.

Depending of project complexity we mobilize former trained students,PhDs and certified partners for engineering, economical,life cycle assesment tasks

Autorizations, licences,experience Béla Ferenc Tőzsér, owner, director general and engineering

Eurosolar 0620/2002

EU Commission REA,CINEA,HADEA Agencies serving of Horizon Europe,Eureka-Eurostars ,COST and other EU and non EU institutions EX 2006C115235,EX2008C00483

UN WIPO,UNIDO,FAO,UNDP registration number 237942




Trainig for Students,PhD:

Several publications in Hungarian, China, EU, UN, Serbia, France specific conference publications

HQ address:
Envihorizont Kft: 3066 Kutasó, Toldi u.4.
Envirosan Bt: H-2161 Csomád, Szent István u. 48.
Laboratory address:
H-7100 Szekszárd, Flórián u. 4.
Mailing address:
H-7101 Szekszárd, Pf.199.