Algae in Circular Economy




The development of high value microalgal products based on traditional technologies does not satisfy the economic feasibility of overwhelming capital investments and operations.   A wide range of high-value biorefinery products should be produced by use of dynamical photobioreactors and enhanced processes: pigments, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins anti-oxidants and energetical products. To promote the sustainability and circulars economy criterions of this concept the poster presents the milestones of development of the Multisectorial Microalgae Biorefinery Complexes (MMBC) as well as the main sectorial examples and their integration in the biorefinery. The economic potential assessment of microalgae biorefinery was evaluated to highlight the feasibility of the process.





Multisectorial cases of complexes:


Main complex proposals:


Integrated engineering activity for implementation:

Circular Economy, EU countries, Latin America, China, Japan, Indonesia




Enhanced circular economicity:
Benefits of product paths:





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