Who We Are

Our switched companies Private Euroengineering & &Envirosan DC& Envihorizont LLC since 1971/1996/1998 adapt the activity to engineering challanges of worldwide sustainable development and crisis mitigation.In this context we accumulated experience on sustainable development and engineering of: - energetical,bioenergetical technologies equipments , facilities, energy auditing - underground water,thermal, mineral waters,sewage,wastewater technologies,equipments, facilities ,technology auditing and validation - treatment, disposal,valorisation of sludge results by physico-chemical -biological trea...
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Crisis impacts mitigation

War damage crisis and POSTCOVID impacts mitigation by challenge actualized integrated engineering, best available technologies and facilities development.
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Circular bioindustry

Industrial biotechnological processes,facilities, biorefineries, multiline and factories including multisectorial value chaines development.
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Integrated engineering

War, POTCOVID Crisis mitigation, bioenergetics, biobased nutraceuticals health protecting products and circular bioeconomical value chaines development.
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Testing laboratory

Laboratory and on site testing, engineering expert reports and technological instructions for water, biomass, bioenergetical, biotechnological, climate-environment-health protection processes, reaserch and monitoring parameters.
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HQ address:
Envihorizont Kft: 3066 Kutasó, Toldi u.4.
Envirosan Bt: H-2161 Csomád, Szent István u. 48.
Laboratory address:
H-7100 Szekszárd, Flórián u. 4.
Mailing address:
H-7101 Szekszárd, Pf.199.