Testing Laboratory

Since 1996 we operate a testing laboratory equipped with laboratory and on site measuring instrumentation for water, biomass, bioenergetical, biotechnological, climate-environment-health protection processes, reaserch and monitoring parameters.
We operate in conformity of ISO EN 17025 rules. After analyses we elaborate engineering expert reports and operative technological instructions.
Head of laboratory : Ms. Marianna Percsics complex laboratory analysises, biotechnology and chemical technology developer.

Actual equipment of laboratory:
M01Merck photometerMerckT40
M04Sludge concentration and level meterBTG Inc.MEX-P
M06Boi Sensomat – Biological Oxygen Demand MeasuringLOVIBOND Tintometer, DortmundOxiTop OC/AL/LOV
M08Solved oxygen meterHANNAHI 9143
M15Thermostat cabinetWTWTS 606-G2
M17Multifunctional measuring equipmentWTWMulti 340i
M18Climate: convection meterTESTO445
M19Photon meterTESTO545
M20Climate: temperature, humidity meterTESTO645
M21Digital manometerTESTO512
M22Thermo reactorMERCKTR 620
M26Laboratory ovenNaberthermNabertherm L4R6
M27CentrifugeEppendorf5702 R
M28Redox potencial – pH meterWTW315i
M29MicroscopeZeissAxiostar Plus
M30Dry matter scaleDenverIR-30
M31Thermal cameraFLUKETi20
M32Photometer for waste water analyticsMacherey-NagelAktivit kftNanocolor 500D
M33CST meterEnergiadeltaCATI 100
M34Photometer for waste water analyticsHach LangeDR 2800
M35Thermo reactorHach LangeHach Lange LT 200
M37Electronical laboratory scaleShinkoDenshiAJ-320 CE
M39Sample taking equipmentBát paritás Bt. 
M39Sludge concentration and level meterBát paritás Bt.pipe
M40Hanna pH-meter HI 991002HANNAHI991002
M41CO2 automatics electorHealForceHF-CSS-100
M42CO2 incubatorHealForceHF 160W
M43Gas analysator-CO2/O2GalaxyG100
 On-field gas analysatorDrägerX-am 2000
M44Magnetic mixing plateIKAMIDI MR1 digital
M45Colony counterIULFlash and Go 10006021/457
M46TSS equipment for measuring turbidity and dry matterHach LangeKészülék:LXV320.99.00001 Szonda:LXV321.99.00001
M47MicroTox toxicity measuring equipmentModern Water 
M48Toxicity and ATP instrumentModern Water 
M49DR900 photometerHach Lange 
M50Analitycal scaleADAM 
M51Multifunctional on-field equipmentHANNA 
M52Lipid-measuring equipmentFOSSSoxtec 8000
M53Chemical ventilation chamber  
M54UV water sterilizerHealForceVitraPOR
M55VitraPOR Filter tubeROBU 
M56Vacuum pumpROCKERChemker 300
M57Drying cabinetPOL-EKO AparturaSLN-32-STD
M58Combined measuring instrumentHANNAHI98191
M59Multi-parameter photometerHANNAHI83300

Parameters we can measure:
ParameterMeasuring range
T-20 – 120 °C
pH-2,0 – 20,0
mV±2000 mV
Redox potential-1999-1999mV
Dissolved oxygen0-200%; 0-19,9 mg/l
KOI>0 mg/l
BOI0-4000 mg/l
total N>5 mg/l
total P>0,5 PO4-P mg/l
Alkalinity0-500 mg/l (CaCO3)
Alkalinity (marine)0-300 mg/l (CaCO3)
Aluminum0,00-1,00 mg/l (Al3+)
Ammonium (low range)0,00-3,00 mg/l (NH3-N)
Ammonium (medium range)0,00-10,00 mg/l (NH3-N)
Ammonium (high range)0,0-100,0 mg/l (NH3-N)
Bromide0,00-8,00 mg/l (Br2)
Calcium0-400 mg/l (Ca2+)
Calcium, marine200-600 mg/l (Ca2+)
Chloride0,0-20,0 mg/l (Cl)
Chlorine dioxide0,00-2,00 mg/l (ClO2)
Chlorine, free0,00-5,00 mg/l (Cl2)
Chlorine, free (ultra low)0,000-0,500 mg/l (Cl2)
Total Chlorine0,00-5,00 mg/l (Cl2)
Total Chlorine (ultra low)0,00-5,00 mg/l (Cl2)
Total Chlorine (ultra high)0-500 mg/l (Cl2)
Chromium(VI) (low range)0-300 µg/l (Cr6+)
Chromium(VI) (high range)0-1000 µg/l (Cr6+)
The color of water0-500 PCU (platinum cobalt unit)
Copper (low range)0,000-1,500 mg/l (Cu2+)
Copper (high range)0,00-5,00 mg/l (Cu2+)
Cyanuric0-80 mg/l (CYA)
Fluorid (low range)0,00-2,00 mg/l (F)
Fluorid (high range)0,0-20,0 mg/l (F)
Hardness, calcium0,00-2,70 mg/l (CaCO3)
Hardness, magnesium0,00-2,00 mg/l (CaCO3)
Total Hardness (low)0-250 mg/l (CaCO3)
Total Hardness (medium)200-500 mg/l (CaCO3)
Total Hardness (high)400-750 mg/l (CaCO3)
Hydrazine0-400 µg/l (N2H4)
Iodine0,0-12,5 mg/l (I2)
Iron (low range)0,000-1,600 mg/l (Fe)
Iron (low range)0,00-5,00 mg/l (Fe)
Magnesium0-150 mg/l (Mg2+)
Manganese (low range)0-300 µg/l (Mn)
Manganese (high range)0,0-20,0 mg/l
Molybdenum0,0-10,0 mg/l (Mo6+)
Nickel (low range)0,000-1,000 mg/l (Ni)
Nickel (high range)0,00-7,00 mg/l (Ni)
Nitrate0,0-30,0 mg/l (NO3-N)
Nitrite (marine, ultra low range)0-200 µg/l (NO2-N)
Nitrite (low range)0-600 µg/l (NO2-N)
Nitrite (high range)0-150 mg/l (NO2)
Dissolved oxygen (DO)0,0-10,0 mg/l(O2)
Oxygen-scavengers (Carbohydrazide)0,00-1,50 mg/l (Carbohydrazide)
Oxygen-scavengers (DEHA)0-100 µg/l (DEHA)
Oxygen-scavengers (Hydroquinone)0,00-2,50 mh/l (Hydroquinone)
Oxygen-scavengers (Izo ascorbic acid)0,00-4,50 mg/l (Izo ascorbic acid)
Ozone0,00-2,00 mg/l
Phoszphate (marine, ultra low range)0-200 µg/l (P)
Phoszphate (low range)0,00-2,50 mg/l (PO43-)
Phoszphate (high range)0,0-30,0 mg/l (PO43-)
Potassium0,0-20,0 mg/l (K)
Silica (low range)0,00-2,00 mg/l (SiO2)
Silica (high range)0-200 mg/l (SiO2)
Silver0,000-1,000 mg/l (Ag)
Sulfate0-150 mg/l (SO42-)
Anionic surfactants0,00-3,50 mg/l (SDBS)
S2->0,01 mg/l
Acid capacity>0,5 Ks4,3 mmol/l; >25 CaCO3
CST0/∞ s/s
Dry matter weight>0 g/l
Annealing>0 % ; >0 g/l

Microbiological examiniations:
Sterilization, Isolation of algae and archaea; CO2 incubation; toxicity measurements; Gram-straining

HQ address:
Envihorizont Kft: 3066 Kutasó, Toldi u.4.
Envirosan Bt: H-2161 Csomád, Szent István u. 48.
Laboratory address:
H-7100 Szekszárd, Flórián u. 4.
Mailing address:
H-7101 Szekszárd, Pf.199.